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Continue your growth and development by purchasing your book by Robert Burns today.

Thoughts to Reflect On Book Cover Robert Burns Neurolinguistic Programming Montgomery Coun

Thoughts to Reflect On

This book is comprised of positive thoughts to start your every day with. If you wish, read the whole book through however to derive the greatest benefit, read one page each morning and allow the information to sink in and you will receive inspiration to carry you through the day with a fantastic and great attitude. So, let us begin.


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Inner Dynamics of Successful Relationships

Learn about how to establish, strengthen, and navigate relationships in your life for more positive outcomes. A great place to begin for anyone looking to further develop their interpersonal relationships.

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A Spiritual Guide to Living Consciously Among the Unconscious

I have become aware over the years that most people are stuck in auto-pilot mode. If it cannot be seen, it doesn't exist. I wrote this short yet very explicit book to inform the population of what is going on around us constantly.

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