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What is Your Purpose?

I have often asked that question until fairly recently and although we all do wish to know why we arrived here, when the answer comes to us many times we do not accept it. At this point in my life I "feel" that my purpose is to lift others out of the confusion that still plagues so many. The method that I use is the proper dialogue which encompasses talking to the subconscious through utilizing the element known as NLP. Being able to read the nonverbal has been a great benefit and so I teach it once per month. Finally having realized my purpose, I have calmed down, slowed down and am here to speak to grou

ps as well as individuals to help them achieve the same outcomes.

After moving beyond my past challenges with addiction and struggling to earn a High School education, I am proud of the fact that I've had PhD Therapists come to me for training in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Having traveled the country teaching these skills and speaking on my own radio show, I continue to find new ways to spread this critical knowledge to others. I tell you this not to talk about me, but to let you know anything is doable when the intent is there, so never let anyone or anything stop you. Your spirit is powerful.

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