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An Important Quote Explained

The quote is as follows, "Your self talk determines your path in life," and here is the explanation: The way we talk to ourselves both at the conscious and subconscious level can be either frightening or rewarding. If our self talk is mostly negative then it stand to reason that our life's experience will also be negative yet on the other hand the opposite is true. Unfortunately, we are not at all aware of our subconscious self talk, so let us begin by saying, our conscious self talk is listened to by our subconscious mind and thereby repeated causing our feelings. When you feel bad or out of sorts, think about what you've been saying to yourself and go back and re-state the comment in a more positive way. This is not easy yet is well worth the effort as suddenly we begin to have better days and also sleep better at night. While drifting off to sleep simply repeat to yourself in your mind, "Thank you for making me aware of my self talk," and I promise you it works.

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